Friday, September 19, 2014

Inquisitorial Razorbacks and Henchmen Part 2

So I feel like the allied or inquisitorial detachment of Coteaz and the 3 objective secured Psybacks, 3 psykers, and 6 acolytes, is still a huge bang for the buck. So I think I will be making use of this build in my 11th chapter army to replace the old draigowing component/termy build.... though the GK's are still doing good and could also make use of these allies.

I was looking for some cool models to use for Acolytes and Psykers and decided to use the new Scion models as my Acolytes.   They are just too cool not to use in any army (well maybe Nids).  And I found these really cool Slicks models from East Riding Miniatures.

Bases on all of my models are as always from Dameon at : Khepris Eternal Legion

Psyker and 2 Acolytes

A few Psykers showing the different poses.  I like the Charlies Angel's pose.

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