Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Battle Report : Crimson Fists Vs. Space Wolves

A quick (and late) battle report:
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With the throwdown being issued, it was on!  2000 points, Spearhead/Annihilation Thurs Jan 20th at Dream Wizards.
Psybilliah's Crimson Fists (vanilla) - Terminators in reserve
Marc's Space Wolves
A view of the battle field with forces deployed
Turn 1:
Marc goes first and blasts Psybilliahs mech to peice

Psybilliah (being able to do nothing else) takes a couple pot shots and moves his bikes forward and pops alot of smoke.

Turn 2:
Marc does alot of shooting, but Psybilliahs line holds out due to cover/smoke.
Then Psybilliah's Librarian and TH/SS termies deep strike in.  The Avenger is cast taking out some Long fangs in the ruin.  Shooting is fruitful, and Psybilliah puts the pressure back onto Marc

Turn 3:
Marc unleashes yet another wave of destruction but this time at has to widdle down those termies.  3 termies survive and assault into the ruin killing a long fang squad.  Then a noble attack biker rushes forward and takes on the mighty Bjorn the Fel Handed.  His multi melta hits, penetrating his venerable armour.  Marc fails his invul.  A 5 is rolled!, Marc forces the re-roll (venerable), and then.... a SIX!  Bjorn the Fell Handed falls in battle giving up 2 kill points

Turn 4:
Marc backs up a bit to focus on the Terminators and suppress Psybilliah's light mech. Takes out some marines and a dread.

Psybilliah positions for a few more shots at Marcs speeders and dreads, failing to kill a speeder after 2 rounds of shooting!  His techmarine repairs a turret.
Turn 5:
Shots continue back in forth in a desperate attempt to earn those final kill points.  Several of Psybilliah's marines go down.  His techmarine fixes another gun.

Turn 6:
Again shots blaze back and forth in a struggle to earn those last kill points

When the dust settles we are left with 2 brutally devastated armies:

Marcs Space Wolves: 

Psybilliahs Crimson Fists:
Casualties piled on the left.

And the finals score:  11 to 11

This was one of those games where neither of us felt it would be a draw,  we both had moments where we were sure we were ahead, and then even more moments when we just knew our opponent would be victorious.

The dice gods were fair, the opponents were a pleasure, and it was a great match up.