Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quick shot of the Draigowing for Colonial

17 Models of pain!

Last post before Colonial GT

And so a year has passed so quickly.  Friday I am leaving for the Colonial GT in Clark, NJ.  The Colonial is one of my favorite events of the year and I can always count on the Beltway Gamers to come out in force for this one.

Last year was a blast playing 40k.  There was quite a bit of controversy about the paint scoring and nepitism.  My understanding is they are very prepared this year and it seems they took everyones feedback to heart. 

The missions were alot of fun.  I only went 2-3 because I suck, but as long as I had a good time.  The missions this year are a bit more fluffy, so hopefully they will not result in such scores as last year.

Sadly, the awesome hotel/convention center venue from last year has changed to an off site venue (VFW hall) which has me concerned after the drab facilities of the mold filled Mechanicon.  However, I trust in Chris Nanry and know he has high standards.

I am looking forward to this event dispite those concerns and hope I will return with some great feedback, battle reports, and some new friends.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

BWG Steamroller 2012 Tourney April 14th, 2012

Beltway Gamers Spring Steam Roller 2012
Dream Wizards
April 14th, 2012

Steam Roller 2012 Format
35 points, 4 rounds
2 Lists, Character Restrictions Apply
Chessclock Deathclock
Control Point Scoring

10am Sign In
11-12:15 Round 1
12:30-1:45 Round 2
230-3:45 Round 3
4-5:15pm round 4
515 - 545 prizes and raffles
24 Slots Available
$10 Entry Fee to cover prize support

Prize support will include Privateer Press Trophies, Gift
Certificates, and Product

Pre Registration is strongly recommended.  Please visit to register for the event under thread of the
same title.  Questions can be sent via PM on that site to
Crashtestdummy or Psybilliah.