Friday, December 2, 2011

And I return to the Blogsphere with the following news....


When: Saturday January 21st, 2012
Dice Hit the table at 11am

Where: Dream Wizards
11772 Parklawn Drive
Rockville, MD 20852

What: A new take on the team tournament. One player will play
Warhammer 40K, One player will be Warhammer Fantasy - each will play
their own systems tourney. Winners will be determined by combined
scores on all awards (Best Overall, Best General, Best Painted,
Sportsmanship). There will be spots for 12 teams of 2 (12 tables/24
players). 40k Armies will be 1850 Points, Fantasy Armies will be 2250
Points. 3 rounds of play, 2.5 hour rounds. $35 Per Team Entry Fee (to
go towards prize support).

Other things to know: Please post specific ruling questions prior to
tourney to be ruled on ahead of time so there are no surprises. In
fantasy, there will be no special characters allowed unless they
change Core selections. Most recent GW FAQ's will be used. Judges will
rule as needed. You may use any legal Codex or Army book that has been
released as of December 31st, 2011. Models must be WYSIWYG but "counts
as" will be allowed. If you have a specific questions about what is
allowed please let us know ahead of time.

Please RSVP via this thread or send a MSG to Psybilliah or call Doug
directly at Dream Wizards. In the spirit of the game, please register
under a team name (along with player names).

We are looking for volunteers to help run the event, lunch will be
provided to volunteers. Also, any painted terrain that you have and
can bring for the day is appreciated to enhance everyone's experience.
Please contact Psybilliah with details.