Sunday, March 27, 2011

Battle Report: Crimson Fists VS. Chaos Space Marines 1850 PTS

Wed 3/23/11 at Dream Wizards in Rockville, MD.
Psybilliah vs. Berimusmaximus (Bert).

We were trying Mission Alpha from the upcoming Colonial GT.
Spearhead deployment.  2 home base objectives plus 6 objectives that randomly either counts as an objective or are removed at turn 4.
Primary objective: Objectives
Secondary objective: take enemies homes base objective
Tertiary objective: Victory points

This was a crazy mission that wound up costing either of us a major victory, however, it was a close game and alot of fun.

Berts List (from memory) 1850 pts
2 x Deamon Princes of Nurgle w/ wings
3 x 6 man Berserkers w/ power fist in Rhinos w/ combi melta
15 x lesser deamons
3 x Dreads w/ Missile Launchers and DCCW
3 x Auto/Laz predators

Bert deploys first:

Psybilliah deploys (landspeeder storm w/ scouts in reserve)

I was stuck with this giant piece of terrain blocking me, but I figured he would go around it anyways, so I set expecting him to go down one side or the other, allowing one of my firing lanes to get some side armour, etc... It worked out great first turn, but in retrospect, I should of gone farther to one side or the other because my lanes were blocked more than I would of liked later in the game.

Turn 1:  Bert moves up and pops smoke on his vehicles.  A dread goes crazy and frags a pred, nothing really much going on. Some crack shots on the tacticals, stuns a predator.
I move the termies to the left and forward a bit and cast null zone to help ensure those DP's are going down.  Since the pred cant shoot, I move it up on the short edge to open its lanes for the next turn.  I unload a ton on the DP's and they go down.  respectfully to Bert, his rolls were not the best.  The thunderfire slows down a dread. The rhinos move forward a bit and get some cover, ready to melta some pill boxes or dreads.  Bert makes a fair amount of this smoke saves.

Turn 2: 
Bert moves forward with everything again.  Keeping one rhino back a bit in anticipation of my termies gating i guess. He shoots me a bit, kills a marine or 2 and both my attack bikers.  His berserker rhino moves up and is destroyed, the beserkers are then taken down to just a champion by the fury of my rhinos storm bolers. I dont want to let him down, so I gate my termies up, hoping that everyone will come play with them and be left in my lanes of fire afterwards. Thunderfire slows a dread down again.
Turn 3:
Berts deamons come in.  He disembarks his 2 remaining beserkers who shoot my termies with their pistols and cause them to take a test, which I choose to fail, bringing me into the ruin/cover closer to my side, in an attempt to get out of range of 2 berserk squads and a dread.  Turns out, he finally gets his rolls back and makes into combat with one squad and the dread, killing my termies and libby.  My storm comes in and melta bombs his back right predator, leaving them open to the fury of his scary dreadnaught and leaving the storm open to fire from his back predator. I push a rhino forward to try to get to his deployment zone and take out that middle predator. Again the thunderfire slows down a dread.  I just cant get a good shot off on the cannon, but dont want to move it and risk blowing it up on a 1.  Probably should of done that anyways.

Turn 4:
We roll for the objectives and all the ones on my side of the table go away, as does 1 of Berts, leaving the 2 objectives left in his deployment zone! Oh no!
Bert shoots the Storm off the table with is predator and then fires at the scouts, they choose to fail their test and run back, hoping the dread will chase them through all that fun difficult terrain. His deamons and unengaged berserker squads start running back to his home base objective. And an empty rhino moves up with a combi melta to but it doesnt do anything. I rush a rhino deeper into his deployment zone, but now I have these damn deamons to shoot to death.  I focus fire on them and several go down, but its a big, fearless squad so of course they just laugh. I shoot the middle and back predators, but only score some weapon destroyed results. My tactical in the ruins get the remaining zerkers down to 2 guys and I get a weapon destroyed on the dread in the ruins, taking out its DCCW.

Turn 5:
For some reason, there is no picture of this turn - probably because the Brotha came by and started kabitzing! J/K

Anyways, in this turn Berts Dread moved up and engaged my marines in ruins, they failed to put any krak grenades on it, imagine that.  Berts deamons move forward a bit and his zerkers get to his home base objective.  He pops one of my rhinos.  I manage to clear out the 2 zerkers hanging in the ruins with my tactical. And I fire my forward marines into this deamons hoping to get them out, but alas they do alright in the saves department.  I focus the rest of my fire on the zerkers, hoping to bring them down and off that home base objective, but he still has 3.

Turn 6:
 The deamons eat my forward tactical squad.  I wreck his predator contesting the 2 objectives.  The dread and my tacticals dance another turn and nothing happens.  I shoot all I have at his zerkers again, but alas, they live.

The game ends with us both holding no objectives other than out home bases.  This means we score no points for the Primary and Secondary objectives!!!! I take a minor win on victory points.

What a crazy mission.  I always enjoy playing Bert because he has a good time and take bad rolls well and keeps this fun.

Looking back, my deployment could of been better.  The objective randomness was hard because it didnt make sense to commit all my rhinos so far forward until turn 4 when they were already being used, who would of known that my objectives would all leave and he would keep 2/3.  not sure how you really prepare for that, but none the less, it was a good game.

Thanks to the Beltway Gamers for the new terrain.

Hopefully I will get another test mission in on Sunday.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tyranids in progress part 2

Gants in a squad, before carapace glossing.
Gant based, before carapace glossing 

Tyranids In Progress

First few pics of the Tyranids I have been working on:

Hive Guard:

Gants (pre dip)

Tervigon and Gants (pre dip)

Tervigon (pre dip)

Swarmlord (pre dip)

Ive chosen to "dip" these models using the dark tone quick shade as i like the effect it gives. I will then matte coat them and then gloss their carapaces.  More pics to come soon.

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