Sunday, April 3, 2011

Appreciating some creative generals

Playing a couple sundays ago had me thinking about how cool it is have such a talented group of gamers in my circle.  I was looking through some pictures and was just amazed by some of the creative armies that I get to play against with next to.

First Up "The Brotha's"  Planet of the Apes Tau
I believe this guys will be finished up for the Colonial GT.  They look amazing.  Props to you Marc for your skillz:

To see more of the Brothas Blog check it out at:
Next up is a rare treat.... MTD's Domo Kan Ork force, along with some amazing conversions.  It is a real treat to see this stuff on the table.

To see more of MTDs Blog check it out at:

I have watched this next project for like a year in the making now.  Dameon Green over at Khepris Eternal Legions new Pre Heresy Khan Biker Army.  I only have one crappy picture, but you should check out his blog for the whole "documentary" of this army with lots of photos.
You can view Dameons blog at :

These 3 armies are just great examples of the art that is our hobby.  I am appreciative to be able to put my unconverted vanilla space marines down on the table with them any day of the week.  Props to you guys and to all the other players we have in our gaming circle.

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