Friday, September 19, 2014

finally back to blogging

So after the birth of another child, a crazy year of work, and a serious love of the game of thrones LCG, I have decided to start updating my hobby blog again (as able).

I have been slowly assembling the remaining pieces of both my gk and sm armies, though in between this post and the last, we have gotten a new addition of 40k and both gk and sm have received new codex's.

This has thrown some major wrenches in my plans and many models I have completed or have started may sadly be shelf bound (like those awesome venerable gk psyfleman dreads and my 11th chapter th/ss termies).

But, I guess that opens up new doors as well.

On the fantasy side, I have gotten my entire army based and such. And I have gotten some painted as well.  I will try to splash some of those updates (well catch ups) as well in the near future.

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