Friday, September 19, 2014

Inquisitorial Razorbacks and Henchmen Part 1

So a long time ago, maybe an addition, may two..... Coteaz and henchmen in psybacks were a thing.  And I guess they still are, and even more so if the tourney scene does not restrict you to using 2 books for sources. Anyway, quite some time ago, I commissioned my good friend Dameon from Khepri's Eternal Legion to assemble and base coat 6 psybacks since I could not prime in my home and I could not bring myself to assemble 6 more rhino chassis models.

Well, he delivered.  Here is how I received my 6 razorbacks:

You can see he did a great job and even converted the turret from a few other kits. the model is also magnetized.

I have brought one up to near completion and will just need to add some more weathering, highlights, and some inquisitorial emblems and purity seals in the near future.

Henchmen to follow....

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