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Battle Report: 8th Edition New WOC vs New Demons

Battle Report from 3/6/13
2500 Points of 8th Edition WOC vs 8th Edition Demons

I hosted my friend Dan at my place for a fantasy battle since the "snowquester" had closed the FLGS.  This was both our first games with the new books at a higher point level so we decided to just play a battle line scenario.  12" deployment zones and just kill each other.

Dan's Tzeentch demons from what I can remember

LVL 4 Lord of Change w/ big gift (+2 toughness), Lore of Metal
LVL 2 Herald of Tzeetch, BSB? with the super blow up gift
25 pink horrors
10 pink horrors
10 pink horrors
7 flamers (approx)
7 flamers (approx)
3 screamers
3 screamers
Super fire chariot cannon thing of tzeentch
Super fire chariot cannon thing of tzeentch

My WOC Chariot list:

LVL 4 Nurgle Prince w/ wings, armour, scales, sword of striking, dragonbane, charmed shield,sould eater, breath, casting nurgle
Exalted BSB of Tzeentch, Barded demonic mount, tal of pres, shield, crappy 5 point magic sword
5x chariots of slaanesh
2x 6 vanguarding hounds
2x gorebeast chariots of nurgle
2x chimerae w/ regen and breath

I was really concerned that my chimerea would get facerolled with all his fire (or warpfire) and that the metal was just gonna rape me so I took forever to set up.  In the end I put one Chimera on the extreme right flank to try to bypass the flamers and maybe get the charge on the screamers (though I had forgetten about their super chomp attack on monsters).  I kept my center full of chariots, the other chimera, DP, and BSB and the 2 vanguarding dogs and put the other gorebest on my left flank to try and handle the other screamers.

His blocks were in the middle with flamers and screamers on the flanks.  He kept the chariots in the middle... because why not... they are flying chariots that shoot flamer templates!!!  thank god I didnt have blocks of infantry.

Dan moves things to my left a bit and nothing really happen on that side except the flamers shoot at my gorebest chariot and do wound.  The screamers move forward to 20" of my Chimera asking for a bold charge. Magic him casting some horrible metal spell on the gorebeast, bringing him down to 1 wound left.  Hi s flamers on the right shoot the dogs down to 1 left but it passes its LD. His Chariot attempts to fire the flamer at my chariots but misses.
  In response my gorebeast on left attempts the charge on the screamers (fails but at 6" move, it seemed that itwouldnt hurt much vs advancing)  the two chariots on the left attemp to charge his chariot and fail.  everything else advances up. The DP and Chimera jump in front of his chariot and flame breath causing a wound and killing 4 horrors in the big blog behind. The right chimera say F that to the charge and goes 20" and breaths the screamers but crappy results. Hellcannon shoots at this big block but its indirect because I am stupid and it scatters off the block into nothing.
Dan charges the two super flamer chariots into my chariots, for some reason I thought I could block them with my baddies and didnt realize that he was flying and could just charge as long as he could see.  Oh well, thats how you learn.   The screamers on the right charge the Chimera.  The flamers on the right shoot the dogs down to leadership and they fail, eventually running off the table.  The screamers on the left zoom over the gorebeast but fail to wound. His Lord moves out of LOS of my gorebeast and casts Final Transformation on the DP but luckily he didnt roll a 6!.... That would of SUCKED!!
I was surprised how many attacks the flamer chariots put out, I believe it was 9 a piece with the warpfire rule.   He killed one chariot and put the hurt on another.  .

On my turn My center Chimera charged his smaller middle block of horrors, my DP charged the big block, my middle chariots charged his right flamers, my BSB charged his left flamers, my left gorebeast moved foward (vs charging the flamers and losing my last wound to stand an shoot) and my right Chimera (not in pic) cleared out the screamers. The DP cast -3T on the big block (though it didnt matter, still wounds on 2's) and miscast, failing his charmed shield roll.  LOL, better that than a cannon ball.  Both  Chimerea had 9  -12 attacks counting the stomp and they both won combats.  The center flamers were destroyed horribly by the 3 chariots.  The Left flamers went down to 4 models after instability.  My left chariot died to his chariot (1 wound remaining) and he reformed to charge the rear of my BSB.  The center chariots and the center Chimera reformed to support the left side and kill more stuff.  The center gorebeast chariot kept crawling forward.

And of course the interwebz" told you so" moment of the game was my hellcannon getting a direct hit on his lord of change, him failing his 4++ and scoring 5 wounds... by by Lord of Change

His flaming chariot charged by BSB in the rear and died horribly since he only had one wound left.  The screamers charged by gorebeasts flank and scored no wounds and then died horribly between actual wounds and instability.  The combat wtih the DP continued with 5 guys dying. Missed with the hellcannon. Some crazy stuff happened where he was able to summon a squad of horrors but they didnt do anything because they failed to cast what they needed to.  
My gorebeast chariot charged his remaining flamers who were tied up with the BSB on the flank and they died.  The Chimera and the chariots finally got into position for a final charge.
Here is a pick of the final charge.  Chimera and chariot into the small block, the DP, BSB, and gorebeast chariot went on the big squad, and my other gorebeast chariot (left) positioned himself for the charge on this new squad.  The results are pretty obvious as it was just too much for the remains of the squads to handle.

My thoughts:

The DP rushes to get into combat both to kill stuff and avoid Magic Missiles and Cannons, so I am unsure if making him Lvl 4 is really worth it. Especially since the really nasty stuff people want to get off on him or in general is being cast on 6 for IF anyways.  Thinking of going down to level 2 possibly.  My army set up doesnt allow me to take a 2nd lvl 2 for scroll or skull, since I would have to mount him anyways.

The gorebeast are slow, but amazing.  I think I focus on locking my targets up with a reg chariot and then support the flank with the gorebeasts.

The breath weapons all were kinda meh, but that was because I assumed I would lose both Chimerea turn 2 to flaming shooting attacks and lore of metal and change, so I popped them just to pop them.  With the DP, again, hes in CC so quick that I dont know how I feel about it, at least I could use that in CC but I feel I always roll bad for the number of hits.

Lore of metal going to be like kryptonite and my whole army is really going to have to watch out for it, but I guess thats no different then previous books.

Your Thoughts?  I would love to hear what you more experienced folks think.

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