Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WFB Battle Report: 8th Ed. WOC vs VC - 1750 PTS

Had a chance to play another game, this time at 1750 (opponents request), this time against Vampire Counts.

He had:
Vamp - Red Fury, Ogre Blade
Tomb Banshee
2x min units of zombies
24 ghouls
30 skeletons
30 grave guard - Banner of Barrows
3 vargheists

I decided to just trim down my 2500 list by ditching the DP and the Hellcanon and say F-It to the magic and shooting phases, they just slow things down anyways.

Exhalted (not BSB ..sadface) General, Tzeentch, Barded Demonic Mount, Crappy Magic Sword, Third Eye, Tal of Prez., Shield
5x Chariots of Slaanesh
3x Warhounds
2x Gorbeast Chariots of Nurgle
2x Chimerea w/ Regen and Breath

We decided to just play a good old fashioned battle line scenario.

My biggest fear was the terrorgiest who was a major threat for my only hero character, luckily even if my general dies, WOC just dont give a shit (unless the scenario says we do)

Here you can see I set up the Chimerea on the left flank hoping to pull the terrorgiest away from my general and expose his flank and rear by a gorebeast.  I put the general on the other side with 2 chariots and hounds and then filled my center with my chariots.  He got first turn and shambled forward and didnt take the Chimerea bait.  Luckily what he did do was summon a squad of zombies or something right into the middle of the table.   

 My Turn 1 I moved the Chimerea extreme forward left flank, allowing for future  charges and breath.  I moved the left hounds up and screened the Chimerea, hoping the skellies might go for a charge and expose the flank.  The right side of the table moved up and the general marched to the center of the table.   The big deal was that I was able to charge my whole center  of 3 Chariots and 1 gorebeast into the newly summoned squad, of course destroying them, but allowing me to overrun into 2 of the 3 units in his center.

Here you can see the results of my overrun. 

Here you can see on his turn the Terrorgeist marched to the rear of my general and his flying vargiests charged my general.  In retrospect, I should of reformed one of the chariots who won in the center so I could threaten the terrorgiest who was obviously going to go for the General.  The Geist screams and the gereral loses 2 wounds of course (despite having a 3++ with rerolls of a 1).  His Ghouls charge the flank of my left chariot, lots of undead die.   The vampire lord swings of the gorebeast and scores a wound.
My General kills a vargiest.

On my turn 2, I charge a unit of hounds, a chimera, and  a gorebeast into the big skellie bus, getting the flank with the chimera.  The right side chariot charges the vargiests, the other reforms and the hounds move up.  The open Chimera moves behind the rear skellies and breathes.

 2 mistakes here were that I didnt realize the zombies were so nasty with poison and I should of moved my left gorebeast up the middle to charge their rear or flank next turn, instead of charging the skellies.  Also the dogs are now in the middle of the table and will be in the way if I break from the center combat....  which of course happens as my chariots dont have the impacts anymore.

Here the Chimera breathes on the rear skellie block.  You can see his zombies have gone into combat with the chariot that charged the vargeists.

His banshee screams on my rear chimera, bringing him down to 1 wound left. Grave Guard charge the hounds in the center on the flank.  Rear skellies move foward.  I continue to grind down what I can but dont accomplish much.

His terrorgeist flies behind my lord and finishes him with one last scream.  He regenerates more grave guard into the block with his vampire, they kill the hounds and reform.

Still on his turn I am able to kill the left skellie block setting myself up to rear and flank charge the terrorgiest.

This turn was major swing for me.  I get off the charges from my left chimera and gorebeast to the rear and flank of the terrorgeist, my rear chimera charges the rear skellies, my upper right chariots (left from the center combat earlier) charges the same skellies, and my lower right chariot goes for the flank of the zombies that are engaged with my lower center chariot.  The impact hits just push the combats over the top and I am able to overrun into the lower combat that hasnt occurred yet on my turn (Ghouls and chariots).  We asked about if the new additions to the combat get to participate at the store and the answer was yet, let me know if that is not the case.  

You can see the guys who overran from their earlier combats this turn, now charged into the zombie combat.  This many impact hits and attacks pop the Ghouls.

My units reform to take the charge from his Grave Guard block with vampire, or possible charge the next turn.

He casts regen on the GG unit, but miss casts and of course rolls 4 on the chart, then a roll of 1 sucks him into the warp or whatever.  So that is beyond the point of return now.   What a silly way to end the game.

Was a ton of fun and my buddy Mark is a great person to play against.   I def learned more about the chariots and combat rez (especially against undead) and of course reaffirmed my theory that anything that screams is bad!!!

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