Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Eleventh Legion Details

I received several comments, questions, and requests for more pics and detail of my Eleventh Legion.  So you go:

Close up of Thunderfire and TechMarine
Sniper Scouts made from Tau and Necron Bits

Thunder Hammer Storm Shield Terminators from Tau, Space Marine, and Forge World Bits

Librarian w/ Force Axe and Storm Shield from Lysander, Orc , Chaplain, Grey Knight, and Necron Bits.  Counts as Lysander sometimes as well.

Multi Melta Attack Bikes from Hi Tech Miniatures
Overall Shot including my Grey Knight Allies I used for Colonial 2013

Next up is to complete 5 more scouts, 2 contemptor dreads, and 2 storm talons.

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