Sunday, October 3, 2010

Guillotine is awesome!

Tired of waiting for a pick up game of WFB? Sick of fighting Blood Angels? Cant take the smell of those Magic players across the room?  Need a game you can get less hardcore gamer friends or family into? Then you need to check out Guillotine published by Wizards of the Coast.
Guillotine is an easy card game for 2+ players, no real gaming experience is required.  I play this game with anyone, and everyone gets it after one try.

The game involves collecting the heads of nobles that are represented by "Noble Cards" each worth a different number of points.  The nobles are set out in a line of 12 and players manipulate the line using action cards to collect the most valuable cards for themselves and/or keep other players from getting more points.  The player with the most points at the end of 3 days (turns) wins.  The average game is 15-20 minutes once people understand how to play.  There is a great greifer element to the game without people getting too upset. I havent met anyone who didnt enjoy joining in a game of this.

Guillotine is particularly fun with some drinks and best of all... its cheap!  Less than $15.

Here is the Wikipedia Link if you want to learn a bit more about the game.  However, I suggest you just pick it up and give it a try.


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