Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Home Brew Logan Grimnar

So in continuing to build my SW list "Fists of Russ", I am in need of a Logan Grimnar to make my WG scoring and just be generally badass!  The problem is, I just dont like the actual Logan model. (no offense to "The Brotha", I know you love it!)

Anyways, here is the homebrew version I am working on.  So far I think it looks pretty "High King-esque"

He is just WG Terminator bitz, the Wolf banner from the reg. SW box (which happens to have his icon on it) and I made the axe from 2 of the big frost axes that come in the WG sprue.  I used the SW head but cut off the 2 extra braids to get his haircut closer to the Logan model by GW.  He still needs to be trimmed up a bit and greenstuffed.

I am planning on putting him on the Chaos Lord/Sorc. base so he has more presence.

Would love some feedback on what else to do or your thoughts

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