Monday, October 11, 2010

Roger Waters Concert was amazing!

Last nights concert at the Verzion Center was just fantastic.  They played the entire The Wall album.  Building the wall the entire concert and then knocking it down at the end. The wall was used not only for super HD animations and effects, but also to separate the audience from the band as the Wall was formed.  As usual, his band was great including Snowwy White's amazing guitar skills.  The designs were amazing especially when they began to fly the flags with hammers.  The lights, the sound, the stage, everything was great.

I had seen Roger Waters at Nissan Pavilion in 2007 for his Dark Side tour, which was probably a little bit more amazing, however, I attribute that to my mindset at that time.  It was also far more psycidellic, however, the Wall just isnt that kind of album.

If you are a fan of Pink Floyd make sure you see Roger Waters while he is still touring.  I am so happy knowing that I had the chance to him at least twice in my life, totally worth it.

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