Sunday, October 3, 2010

Space Wolves Update

So just a few games in with new list:

First one against Blood Angels.  This resulted in a slim loss, but  loss none the less.  Lost due a lone solo left in what was his death company squad contesting one of my objectives.  A classic example of how a solid win can quickly change to a tie, and then at the last second ... become a loss.  Especially when you roll snake eyes to wound with your power fists!

Second battle against Vanilla Marines.  This was a fun game against a player I had never faced before.  This was a clear victory.  I was able to keep command of the board and both objectives.  I was not too impressed with my Rune Priest, but thats okay, like all psykers they are hit are miss.

Thoughts... Going to keep going with the current list. The squads of 10 seem to be a bit of overkill in the Rhinos but I have yet to face anything but marines, so that may prove a premature assumption.  The melta was invaluable for killing dreads and melting power armor as well as the heavy flamers for clearing out scouts in cover.  I need to get used to using the devestator/long fangs again as they require a good firing lane to really maximize output.

Thinking of doing some min/maxing to squeeze something else in.  Would really like some wolf scouts but I dont know if thats possible.

In the meantime going to start some conversions to fill out my squads.

Will keep some updates coming.

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